Wing foiling or Wing is the new kid on the block when it comes to water sports. It’s a fusion of windsurfing and kitesurfing. It consists of an inflated wing resembling a kite surfing wing but without lines, and a surfboard with a foil. The foil is an underwater fin that creates lift, lifting the board out of the water. Thanks to this lift, the rider can glide above the surface of the water with a sensation of flight, offering a unique and exhilarating experience, all propelled by the wind! This activity is accessible to everyone, from beginners to experts, and allows you to discover the sea in a totally new and captivating way. Wing foiling is accessible to a wide range of people, from beginners to experts, and can be practised on different bodies of water. It’s an activity that combines adrenalin, freedom and a connection with nature, offering incomparable sensations to those who dare to try it.

So come and discover the unique sensations of wingfoil in the best spots in the region!


Lessons of 1h30 from Monday to

limited to 3pers. 

  • 1 session –> 150€ /pers
  • 2 sessions –> 300€ /pers
  • 3 sessions –> 430€ /pers
  • 4 sessions –> 540€ /pers
  • 5 sessions –> 640€ /pers

Do you have a group?

Contact us for a quote

We’ll let you know the day before by text message (sms) after 7pm, as we check the latest weather update to place your lesson in the right conditions for your level. If the conditions are not optimal (e.g. waves at sea or strong wind) we can relocate to alternative spots (Etangs de Leucate / Port Leucate). 

Please arrive 5/10 minutes before your lesson to change and start on time.

All equipment provided: wetsuit, helmet, walkie-talkie, harness, lifejacket.

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